20 April 2012

New Five

I swear I never actually finish anything on my Five, I just keep changing them.  But I've been so busy I completely forgot about this blog, and now that I'm 37 weeks pregnant I'm seriously nesting, so I'm ready to tackle a list of things. 

For the record, though, I DID actually complete one of the current Five: Transition Little Miss to a toddler bed.  She has been sleeping in her big girl bed for over a month now and she loves it!

So I'm going to update the Five to reflect the projects I'm trying to complete before Miss Bennett is born.  Three weeks to go; ready...set...GO!

New Five

#1: Paint dresser & fill with clothes
#2: Make Lizzy a teddy bear
#3: Get planters filled and on patio
#4: Tour the hospital
#5: Make framed birth stats for Kayla

Kayla's Big Girl Bed

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