20 September 2007

My First Five

First of all, kudos to Adam for thinking of this, and thanks for letting the rest of us mooch off your genius. :o) This is a great way to prioritize the little (and some not-so-little) things in our lives, and an even better way to actually accomplish them. Plus, it's another opportunity for the melancholy in me to experience the joy of creating a list.

So here are my first "Next Five":

1. Paint my kitchen.
2. Get a puppy.
3. Succeed in producing the second annual Gem State Academy Class of 2001 Newsletter.
4. Go vegan for a(nother) week.
5. Take music lessons again.

I guess I'll continue to post as I systematically (or not) "cross things off" this list. If my five aren't interesting enough for you, check out the slew of other "fives" blogs. There are some really ambitious and interesting people out there. Who may or may not be me.