14 May 2008

#2: Figure Out Where to Plant a Garden

Well, we've finally scoped out a spot and made some plans for a garden. NOW is the time to be planting, but that's not happening because...there's a 40-foot pine tree in the middle of our future garden.

I've called a local tree company for an estimate, but have yet to receive a reply. (My first request was left in a pocket and discovered a week later in the employee's dryer.) So I'm patiently waiting for the estimate...but probably only "patiently" because I have so many other things to do.

Anyway, I'd post a photo of the spot, but my camera is (still) in the shop...another call for which I wait patiently.

The point is that we now know where our garden is going to go, and we just have to get it started. I'll post photos as soon as I get my camera back.

Old #2: Figure out where to plant a garden - CHECK!
New #2: Create an exercise and better eating plan and stick with it for two weeks. (Baby steps, ya know!)

09 May 2008

#3: Class of 2001 Newsletter

It's done! Finally, after 8 months of collecting information and waiting for people to seem interested in staying in touch with friends they had in high school, I have completed the third of my Next Five.

I did, however, alter the format from the 2007 edition of the newsletter. Last year it was an email sent with a pdf attachment - no photos. This year, it is its own blog, complete with photos for those who sent them, contact information made available, and a notice about our 10-year reunion in 2011. I am SO proud of myself I pulled a muscle patting myself on the back.

Unfortunately, Blogger found something suspicious about my lengthy blog entry (with over 25 class members, what do you expect?), and locked my blog for review for possible spam. Fortunately, they realized I was indeed a real person and my post was indeed a real blog. So now everything is good to go.

So, with that finally out of the way and in a format that's easier to update and locate, I can now remove this aspiration from my Next Five and add a new #3.

Old #3: Succeed in Producing the Second Annual GSA Class of 2001 Newsletter - CHECK!

New #3: Make plans and reservations for our New England vacation this fall.