23 April 2011

#2: Get My House on the Market (Again)

WE DID IT! Finally, and a month and a half after my initial goal, but it's finally done. Our house is now listed on the market as active and available for sale through John L. Scott Real Estate Agency. Anyone want to buy a house?!? Creek out front, large shade trees, huge shop with room for storage and working space, large fenced in back yard with swing set, dead-end street (no traffic!), master suite "apartment" upstairs, huge front patio with tons of room for patio furniture with which to enjoy the view, French doors opening to the back patio (which has room for a hot tub!), wood stove heating which saves HUGE amounts on heat bills in the winter...I could go on. Check it out!


Old #2: Get My House on the Market (Again)

New #2: Transition Little Miss to a Toddler Bed