25 April 2008

A Slight Modification

I've tried going completely vegan for a week several times and it just never works, for some reason or another. A couple of weeks ago I vowed to not eat ice cream until the end of May, simply because I was doing too much of it. And so far, I've made good on that.

Due to my inability to go completely vegan for a week, I've decided to cut almost all dairy from my diet until June 1. No ice cream, no "real" eggs, no dairy milk, no butter (unless someone else cooked with it and I had no say), etc. The only thing I cannot give up completely is cheese. I will try to not eat very much of it, but I cannot substitute it.

Hence, my alteration of the old #4: Go vegan for a(nother) week. So far, so good!


Petra said...

Cheese would be the hard thing for me too. Oh yeah, and meat. :) Not that I eat that much of it. But every once in a while...

Larissa said...

Cheese would be the one thing I couldn't give up. Plus, what do you do about baked goods. Don't most breads have some dairy in them? I dunno. Anyway, i started a blog similar to the my next five series if you want to check it out. http://larissasdaffodilprinciple.blogspot.com

So far, I have been proud of myself for updating regularly. Ok, talk to you later.