13 July 2011

#3: Make and Send Invites for Little Miss' B-day

I accomplished this feat in two days: One day spent buying and making the invites, then putting them in envelopes and addressing them, the next day buying stamps and sending them off. This year our theme is Cookie Monster, so here's the card (front and back, laid flat for scanning) I came up with:

Included was an invitation to participate in a birthday BBQ by bringing one's own burgers and buns. I plan to have cookies and milk (obviously) plus other snack-type items in addition to the BBQ for those who want to do that. It's crazy Kayla is just about two; seems like I just did her FIRST birthday invitations!

Old #3: Make & send invites for Little Miss' b-day
New #3: Install wood flooring in the dining room

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Kelli Jean said...

It really doesn't seem that long ago, does it. They turned out very cute!