06 March 2011

#4: Finish Kayla's First Year Scrapbook

I did it! I finally completed Kayla's first-year scrapbook. I've been working on it since before she was born, and it includes the obligatory positive pregnancy test photo, belly pictures, and photos of getting the nursery painted and set up. It ends with Kayla's first birthday party photos and the messages friends and family wrote for her to enjoy later in life.

I had actually finished the pages several weeks ago, but the slip covers I had used for the last half dozen or so pages weren't hole-punched the same distance as the others, so I had to get a hole-punch and punch new holes so the sheets would fit in the book. I finally did that and found time to get it done, so now I can cross this off my five things list.

Old #4: Finish Kayla's first year scrapbook
New #4: Plant flowers in my porch flower pot


cieldequimper said...

:-)) So... what about the flowers?

Who said I had too many blogs, lol?

Becky said...

LOL! Point taken, Ciel. And I'm working on the flowers. This weekend, perhaps?